Truck Trailers


What We Do

Ross Allen Trucks are licenced body builders specialising in the construction of special purpose and tipping bodies for both local and state government departments.

Steel Dog, Super Dog, Quad Dog Trailers

Contact us for a competitive quote. We can design, draft, engineer and build to your requirements.

We fabricate dog and superdog trailers, airbag or sprung. Our trailers are made with only quality axles and suspensions. Your choice of axle and suspensions.

Our chassis are a pressed steel design or fabricated and engineered for strength and durability. Quality joist ballrace and delta hoists. Seamless side bins and Bissalloy/Hardox option are available. All LED lights and full rear mud flaps are standard. Safety body props are also standard. Anti-vibration pollop standard. All LED side lights are recessed into side guards. Built to our quality that our customers have come to expect and get from our team.

Trailers can be painted to any company colours. Most options can be accounted for. Contact us for a very competitive quote.

Standard dogs include 6mm Bissalloy/Hardox floors, 4mm Hardox/Bissalloy sides, 2 way tailgate.

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